Brian’s Legacy

As Shared by His Father Siegfried Othmer

Siegfried Othmer, PhD and Brian Othmer

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Pairing Brian’s journal entries with his father’s recollections, Brian’s Legacy chronicles the emotional journey of a dedicated father and his troubled son. As a child, Brian Othmer faced many challenges. As a young adult, he recorded his journey in a diary, which reveals a young man determined to understand himself and his brain, and to answer the question that drives him: Where do I fit in this world?

This is the perfect read for anyone who has been touched in some way by the difficulties of raising a troubled child. It is also a universal story for those looking for inspiration to improve their day-to-day lives.

For more reading on Brian Othmer, his story is told in:

A Symphony in the Brain

The Evolution of the New Brain Wave Biofeedback

Jim Robbins (New York Times Science Writer)

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In A Symphony in the Brain, Jim Robbins traces the fascinating, untold story of the development of neurofeedback, from its discovery by a small corps of research psychologists, to its growing application across the country and around the world, to present battles for acceptance in the conservative medical world. Offering a wealth of powerful case studies, accessible scientific explanations, and dramatic personal accounts, Robbins journeys through a remarkable field, which he brings to the public eye for the first time.

Another book by Siegfried Othmer

ADD: The 20 Hour Solution

Training Minds to Concentrate and Self-Regulate Naturally Without Medication

Mark Steinberg, PhD and Siegfried Othmer, PhD

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This book describes a powerful remedy for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in straightforward language that every reader will understand. The authors specialize in the use of EEG biofeedback techniques (also called neurofeedback) for the attention, behavior, mood, and learning problems of children and adults. ADD: The 20-Hour Solution explains everything that parents of children or adults with ADD or ADHD need to know about how neurofeedback techniques work.

Getting Rid of Ritalin

How Neurofeedback Can Successfully Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Without Drugs

Robert W. Hill, Eduardo Castro

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Getting Rid of Ritalin provides a comprehensive checklist to help guide parents in understanding the facts about their child’s behavior. This book serves as an excellent reference for available options, from medication toxicity testing, to alternative treatments that have proven more effective than medication. Before condemning your child to a life long regimen of medication, know the facts.

The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

Building and Rebuilding the Human Brain

Louis Cozolino

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Proposing a reconciliation between neuroscience and psychotherapy. Many forms of psychotherapy, developed in the absence of any understanding of the brain, are now supported by neuroscientific findings. This book argues that the brain is an organ of adaptation, built by interpersonal experiences and capable of change during one’s life. Written for anyone interested in the relationship between brain and behavior, it encourages us to consider the brain when attempting to understand others and ourselves.

EEG in Clinical Practice

John Hughes, MD

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This concise introductory text offers a complete overview of the important principles used to generate and interpret an electroencephalogram (EEG). An EEG records the electric activity of the brain and the studies are used in detecting seizures, diseases and inflammations of the brain, and brain death. It covers instrumentation, the major artifacts seen on an EEG, and diagnosis and clinical significance of abnormal EEG patterns. Also included are special topics such as the ICU, common problems, andmedicolegal issues.

Introduction to Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback

Second Edition: Advanced Theory and Applications

Thomas H. Budzynski (Ed.), Helen Kogan Budzynski (Ed.), James R. Evans (Ed.), Andrew Abarbanel

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Fully revised second edtion of highly successful reference work which offers clinical researchers and practitioners, neuropsychologists and neuroscientists a comprehensive overview of quantitative EEG and neurofeedback as methods for analyzing brain function.

The revised coverage of advancements, new applications (e.g. Aspberger’s, music therapy, LORETA, etc.), and combinations of prior approaches make the second edition a necessary companion to the first. The top scholars in the field have been enlisted and contributions will offer both the breadth needed for an introductory scholar and the depth desired by a clinical professional.

Understanding, Diagnosing, and Treating ADHD in Children and Adolescents

Integrative Approach (Reiss-Davis Child Study Center, Vol. 3)

James Incorvaia (Ed.), Bonnie Mark (Ed.), Donald Tessmer (Ed.)

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When it comes to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which is too often a cavalier diagnosis of first resort, clinicians can benefit from the range of responsible views on assessment and treatment proffered here. If doctors, therapists, and school personnel were to have only one resource to consult to fully understand AD/HD the problems and the solutions this collection of authoritative perspectives assembled by Drs. Incorvaia, Mark-Goldstein, and Tessmer should be it.

Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism

Ken Siri (Author), Tony Lyons (Author), Teri Arranga (Afterword)

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The parents of children with autism know that learning about treatments is a full-time job. For parents with limited time, ability, or resources, Ken Siri and Tony Lyons have compiled the latest in autism research and treatment.

The Migraine Revolution: We Can End the Tyranny Scientific Guide to Effective Treatment and Permanent Headache Relief

Martin Brink

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The Migraine Revolution empowers the reader with a comprehensive and comprehensible summary of the latest science. It presents a wide variety of weapons for body, mind and brain, backed by more than 1,600 scientific references, explained by more than 300 graphs and pictures and with many awesome contributions from the world’s leading migraine clinicians.